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Zed Music Distribution are the sole UK distributor of Cole Clark guitars, Flaxwood Guitars and the Wazinator. Find where to buy your Cole Clark guitar, Flaxwood Guitar and Wazinator at Zed Music Distribution.

The Wazinator Acoustic Stompbox 'pure analog, pure enjoyment'

The  KSB319 Wazinator acoustic stompbox  is used by the likes of Flight of the Conchords, Jack Johnson, Lloyd Spiegel, Jeff Martin (tea party), Medicine for the People, Jake Allen, Juzzie Smith, Rabecca Ireland and many more. It's a fully professional acoustic stompbox designed to add a musically pleasing kick drum tone to your playing. It is the perfect accompaniment to the acoustic guitar, keyboard or any percussion set up. Place your foot on the timber pad and stomp the timber using your heal or toe. Connect the KSB319 directly to a bass amp or PA via a standard guitar lead. Vary the kick drum tone by stomping hard or soft, off centre or direct. Pure analog - pure enjoyment....

A detailed look at the Wazinator Range

Please check out the video below for more information on how the Wazinator works, it's construction and the product range: 

Currently the Wazinator is only available in the UK at the Zed Music Cafe in Sevenoaks, Kent. 

The Wazinator in action!

The amazing Juzzie Smith showing just how simple and effective the Wazinator is!

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