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Established in 1994, Ortega Guitars introduced German design to authentic and traditional methods of guitar making. Committed to innovation and quality, we strive to improve what is expected at every level of all our acoustic instruments. Options like the 12hole bridge, often found only on high-end guitars, are standard at our entry level to professional nylon string guitars. Our wide variety of body and neck sizes accommodates all ages giving everyone an opportunity to learn and play. Inspection standards are placed at many stages to assure that our instruments are the finest quality before they reach your hands. 

Ortega is an innovative company taking Classical Spanish guitar luthiery and combining it with the latest manufacturing techniques and guitar developments to produce modern nylon string guitars.

Ortega breaks classical guitar barriers without losing focus on the raw basics of classical guitar making. Traditionally nylon string guitars do not come with a truss rod, but most of Ortega's do! For many, this is a step to far from tradition, but why not combine modern comforts like a 2 way truss rod, to ensure the action is always perfect, with a traditional classical construction?


Their 'guitarlele' hybrid is a cross between a nylon 6 string with a tenor ukulele body. Making this a perfect travel guitar or beginners guitar which fun & easy to play, for all ages. 

Ortega Ukuleles, whether you’re playing for fun or performing professionally, Ortega offers a broad range and levels of traditional Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone Ukulele body sizes. Select models are equipped with their own preamp and built-in tuner

Breaking tradition, Ortega add a fresh look to the Banjo. Their Ukulele-Banjo, Guitar Banjo and the Standard 5 string models all have black Banjo heads and a modern headstock to stand out in a crowd. Following in the American archetype of craftsmanship, Ortega also add their own twist to the A-Stle and F-style mandolins.

With a diverse selection of Acoustic Basses you’re sure to find what you need. From their  4 and 5 string models with either medium or short scale options, even lefthanded, to their Ukebass and Traveler series, all with electronics. Ortega have you covered. 

Ortega also produce a great range of percussive instruments including stomp boxes, cajons and foot tambourines. Their useful helper series includes, capos,  chromatic tuners,    metronomes, picks and string winders.

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The product categories available from Ortega through Zed Music Distribution.

The product categories available from Ortega through Zed Music Distribution.

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