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Ormsby GTR Production Range

The Ormsby GTR production range is their first production made multiscale and standard scale instrument range based on their famous custom shop designs, like the HypeMachine, SX, TX, and Goliath.

After several years of preparation Ormsby partnered with World Instruments as manufacturers for the GTR range, World Instruments are without a doubt the BEST offshore instrument makers, with all quality control both in the World Instruments factory and on arrival to the Ormsby Guitar base in Australia.

Features like custom hardware made in the USA by Hipshot Products, pickups wound to the same specifications as Ormsby's custom models, stainless steel frets, and much more; the GTR range sets a new standard for affordable production guitars.

To realize the very latest in design trends, Ormsby released the creative process to the worldwide community of guitarists in 2015 via our Ormsby GTR Run Facebook Group. Sharing knowledge from building 100’s of custom instruments,  guitarists and artists across all genres were invited to decide on just about every aspect of these guitars. Through a unique online community, participants chose finishes and specifications they want most at affordable prices.  That new tradition continues today with the continued growth of the Ormsby community, allowing them to create frequent new runs of guitars with unique specifications for even the most discerning of guitarists.

The GTR Range is truly a guitar designed by guitarists, for guitarists.


Check out some of the Ormsby GTR Range below:


GOLIATH GTR (arriving soon)

Click here to see the full range

Limited Edition Shark GTR

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